Steven Haynes

Steven Haynes/スティーブン・ヘインズ
ミス・スプラナショナル・ジャパン ナショナルディレクター






Hi I’m Steven Haynes
And I’m The Miss Supranational National Director of Japan.

I’m very Proud to Welcome the Okinawa National Director & your team to a Wonderful Organization.

Okinawa is a place of many Magical Dream,

And it holds a very special place in my Heart.
I’m Proud to have been the 2012 Trainer of the World Contest Japanese winner in Okinawa.

Miss Supranational is a Contest where Dreams do Come True,
We believes in Understanding, Community,
Respect, Appreciation & Love of All
It’s more than just a Contest…. it’s a Family,
and we like to welcome you in.

We are looking for the next Miss Supranational of Japan, someone with Style, Confidence, Love of the Homeland & true outgoing Beauty.

Believing in yourself is something so very wonderful and it will lead to so many Supra Opportunities.

Welcome to the Olympics of beauty.
Take your Chance.

Sincerely yours Smiles and Thanks Steven A. Haynes

Steven Haynes/スティーブン・ヘインズ